We deliver to Georgia and surrounding states! See our fee schedule below for details.


Prices for our cows are based on the cow’s hanging weight. This is the weight of the meat after the animal has been dressed and cleaned, and is ready to be butchered. It comprises of the fat, meat and bones that you will receive. Some of this weight will be lost during butchering. On average, a cow’s hanging weight is 60% of it’s live weight. So for a 1,000 lb cow (you may request a smaller or larger cow and we will adjust the price accordingly) the hanging weight would be around 600 lbs. Note: a larger cow will have a higher fat percentage and may be better for steaks, while a smaller cow is desirable for some families needs, such as accommodating a low-fat diet or smaller storage space.


Averaging Pricing
$6.30/lb of hanging weight (the average 1,000 lb steer will have a hanging weight of 600lbs)
Average cost: $3,780

Approximation of what you’ll receive:

30 lbs cubed beef
22 lbs stew beef
75 lbs ground beef
30 rib eye steaks
30 T-bone steaks
27 sirloin steaks
17 chuck roasts
10 2.5 lb shoulder roasts
5 2.5 lb rump roasts
16 short ribs
2 6 lb briskets
1 liver
All soup bones
*scraps for your pets available upon request for no extra charge


Delivery Fees:

  • North Florida: $100
  • South Florida: $200
  • Alabama : $150
  • Tennessee: $150
  • South Carolina: $150

Note: All figures are estimates, all cows vary slightly and therefore the output will vary slightly.  In most cases, you will receive more than the estimate.