Responsibly and Naturally Raised

We raise our beef with the highest standards. Here’s how.

My cows enjoy free range over more than 200 acres. To ensure their diet remains healthy and lush, they are moved seasonally around the farm, always having access to fresh grass. I don’t need to preach about the benefits of grass fed cattle; you know their guts aren’t designed for corn, sugar, or other dietary additives that they are often given for rapid weight and fat gain. This has never and will never happen on Copperhead. One of the reasons I decided to start my own farm was the lack of accountability in the free range industry. I’ve seen farmers buying cows at 700 pounds, raising them up to 1,000 and then selling them as grass fed. I’ve seen farmers grass feed a cow until puberty, then put it on a corn feed lot to fatten up before sale. Even worse, I’ve seen farmers blatantly lie about the conditions the cows live in…the cows are kept in pens with a small yard for them to “free range” in. To ensure you aren’t falling victim to any of these practices, get to know your farmer, ask questions about their methods, or visit their farm if you can. 
Our cows eat wild grass that is indigenous to South Georgia. Never corn, never sugar,  never molasses, oats, etc. The grassland is in the process of being organically certified.
Our cows never receive antibiotics, wormer (they don’t need it on pure grass), steroids, hormones, fertility drugs or growth hormones. 
Each and every cow I sell has been raised from birth on my farm. This ensures that the cow was never given antibiotics or hormones early in life, and that the cow wasn’t fattened with corn. This also allows me to control the genetics of my cattle population. Sometimes, irresponsible breeding can lead to painful and heartbreaking traits and diseases in the cattle. 
Our deep well is our cows’ only source of water, and they receive plenty of it. No city water has ever graced their lips, which means no fluoride or chlorine has either. We do have a few ponds on the property, but the cows are too scared of the alligators to get close.
We offer many ways for you to customize your beef package. Every cow is different, but we’ll allow you to choose a larger or smaller cow to increase or decrease the meat and price of your package. We also allow you to dictate steak thickness and which cuts you would like to keep or have ground into hamburger.